VIII Women’s Baseball World Cup 2018

22/08/2018 - 31/08/2018

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VIII Women’s Baseball World Cup 2018 - Official Payoff

New European Women’s Baseball Championship to be launched this July in Rouen, France


The best women’s baseball team in Europe will qualify for the WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup and compete For the Title of World Champion. The next Women’s Baseball World Cup is scheduled for 2020.

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Psota, Stephenson announce retirement from Canada Women’s Baseball National Team


After 15 seasons with the program, that has included participation in all eight Women’s Baseball World Cups and the 2015 Pan American Games, Kate Psota and Ashley Stephenson are retiring as players from the Women’s National Team.

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Simone Wearne steps down as Australia Women’s Baseball National Team manager


Australia Baseball Hall of Famer Simone Wearne stepped down as Emeralds manager after a six-year tenure as Women’s Baseball Australia National Team manager, and three World Cup campaigns

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WBSC Baseball World Cup umpire Po Chun Liu earns IOC Women and Sport top award


World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Baseball World Cup® umpire Po Chun Liu was awarded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Women and Sport World Trophy, the highest distinction that the IOC bestows in the category

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Women’s Baseball legends Kate Psota and Ashley Stephenson retire


The two veterans were on the original Canadian National Team during the first ever Women’s Baseball World Cup, that the North American Country hosted back in 2004. Stephenson will join the coaching staff

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Final standings

# Team  
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2 TPE Roster   Stats
3 CAN Roster   Stats
4 USA Roster   Stats
5 VEN Roster   Stats
6 DOM Roster   Stats
7 AUS Roster   Stats
8 CUB Roster   Stats
9 PUR Roster   Stats
10 KOR Roster   Stats
11 HKG Roster   Stats
12 NED Roster   Stats


Tournament leaders

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Individual awards are based off of the statistics accumulated in the first and second rounds, excluding the bronze and gold medal games.

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